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 Rei'kon (Zaeph')

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PostSubject: Rei'kon (Zaeph')   Rei'kon (Zaeph') I_icon_minitimeSat Sep 12, 2009 6:39 am

Hi guys, happy to be there =D
First of all i just wanna say my real Nick is Zaeph', but in FPS that's a bit different, Froid, Greyh, Fox ...

IGN : Rei'kon (Or Zaeph', as you want)
Cracked or Legit CD-Key: Cracked, because crack will rullz the world /o/
Location : French guy from Normandy
Age : 15
Xfire username and nickname : lvlalek
Gaming style helps : Intelligent (trap, hide ...), precision mastery, RABBIT ! and knife
Have a teamspeak and a mic: Yes, a good mic, but my French accent will get on your nerves xD
Game time available : In week more than 2 hours per day, weekend ? No limit.
Tell us about your self : Lovely question, isn't it ? I'm hard working student, I play MMO and FPS for relaxing. I'm a regular player, so when I stop playing for ... Lets say 1 week, i've got big problem to frag ... Need to be hot I suppose. Hu ... For clan story in FPS, I've never stayed more than 3 mounts in the same, he always die.
Can you donate ? : Not for now, but in the future I think i'll can give some money :p
How did you find out about UK|HD EE : Seen on the UK|HD serv /o/
Invited By : The good guys from the server xD

For the one who'll ask, yes, it's the UK|HD apply, but I don't have anything else to say ...Vote is open
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PostSubject: Re: Rei'kon (Zaeph')   Rei'kon (Zaeph') I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 28, 2009 1:26 am

hey m8, u are banned in UKHD servers?o..O

Rei'kon (Zaeph') Luckerssig

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Rei'kon (Zaeph')
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