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 New Recruits

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PostSubject: New Recruits   New Recruits I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 09, 2009 1:19 am

When you apply give a good explanation to us why you should join us.
your app should include the following:
-Xfire Name (xfire is needed to join)
-can you donate (yes/no) (why donate? so we can afford our own servers in the future)
-where you live
-have TS or vent (yes/no)

When that is all included i will open a poll so the members can vote. this vote wont be very decisive tho.
we might invite you to play with us. if you are accepted you will be sent an invitation over Xfire and can be then considerd a real EE member and you can put your tags on.

once you have submitted your application on the site, apply to our xfire clan:
go there and select the option join clan.

To improve your chances you could show us your skill in a video and stay active on forums.

Thats all,
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New Recruits
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